ATED Centre 3D Animation | PIND Foundation

PIND fully known as Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta is a not-for-profit organization established in 2010 with a mission offering to build partnerships that can drive peace, human capital development and wealth creation across the nine states of the region.

To proffer a solution that improves construction practices as well as provides cost-effective housing infrastructure models, PIND introduced the Appropriate Technology Enabled Development (ATED) demonstration center; a pilot housing innovation that seeks to promote the adoption of energy-efficient homes in the Niger Delta region. Using multiple locally-appropriate technologies, methods and construction materials, the ATED building is characterized by reduced energy consumption, a brilliant air exchange system, controlled internal and external heat, water saving and waste management facilities which ultimately provides the remarkable combination of comfort and efficient energy homes.

To create more awareness about this innovation we were commissioned to produce a 3d animated video that showcased the capabilities and benefit of the building.