Website Development | DO Foundation

Do is a civic start-up committed to inspiring, empowering and amplifying action for sustainable development, It’s overarching mission is to build an active community of young and old people who are taking action to drive sustainable development in their locality.

Do was founded with the premise that amidst the endless list of problems facing the continent, a sustainable future is possible, but to achieve this future we would not have to depend solely on the government or International development agencies, it starts with individuals, communities, profit/nonprofit organizations taking action to drive sustainable development in their locality, one action at a time.

We currently provide communications support for the Organization. Recently we deployed our Jumpstart solution of to bring this NGO to life.

We provided the organization with:

  • Strategic planning.
  • Business plan and model auditing.
  • CAC registration.
  • Logo design.
  • Brand guide and messaging;
  • Brand colleterals & merchandise
  • Website and official email set up.
  • Social media account setup