Video Infomercial for Advanced Health Technology

Annually, Nigeria loses over $1bn to medical tourism. A majority of Nigerians travel out of the country to access healthcare services abroad, interestingly, despite the challenges facing our healthcare system, some of these treatments can be administered by very qualified medical practitioners in facilities located in Nigeria. Our work with Kelina Hospital provided us with an opportunity to create awareness on a novel medical procedure being administered by a hospital in Nigeria, the endgame was to ensure that Nigerians are aware of the progress being made by Nigerian healthcare providers and therefore opt to look inward before travelling out when seeking medical attention.

Kelina Hospital is a leading healthcare center in Nigeria, recently they introduced Minimal Access Surgery into their wide range of services. Minimal Access Surgery is a novel procedure that enables a surgical operation to be performed without tearing the body open. Using specialized equipment, surgeons can perform surgery by gaining access into the body through very tiny openings. Courtesy of this procedure, patients leave without scars and can go home the next day after surgery is performed.

To create more awareness for this procedure, we produced a compelling 5-minute infomercial that educated Kelina’s target audience on the benefits of this procedure and its availability at Kelina Hospital.