The Challenge

The surgery department of a leading healthcare centre introduced Minimal Access Surgery (a novel procedure in Nigeria) into its range of services and needed to create exposure and increase the level of patronage for this new service.

Our Solution

We deployed our content product* and produced a compelling 5-minute infomercial that educated consumers on minimal access surgery, its benefits and chronicled the experience of a past minimal access surgery patient at Kelina hospital.

Our Approach

To craft a unique and compelling messaging, we sort to understand and capture the idea of what client satisfaction meant to our client’s target audience; Patients. Using our data analytics and insights research framework, we discovered

  1. Patients wanted to have expert medical service delivery that guarantees safety at little or no risk of complication.
  2. Patients wanted healthcare delivery at a reasonable cost.

Content creation strategy

Considering the strict regulations and laws contained in the Code of Medical Ethics in Nigeria that govern advertising for healthcare providers in the country, the unique rules that govern our client’s niche industry; healthcare- Establishing Trust and Expertise stood at the focal point of our content strategy.

Our content team sort to adopt a passive marketing approach that demonstrated superior thought and expertise as well as an efficient healthcare delivery experience. Our content strategy gave priority to valuable information about minimal access surgery to demonstrate the hospital’s commitment to providing high-quality care and a successful client’s account to support it.

Why an infomercial and not a commercial?

We concluded a 10-60 sec commercial is not enough time to demonstrate the level of expertise and establish the level of trust needed to achieve our objectives. Here’s a good read on the qualities of a results-driven content.

  • Insights: A compelling brand message is a unique mesh of your customer’s voice, your voice and the market voice.
  • Insights: empoweryour consumers with information to make informed decisions than selling to them.
  • Information that sells over selling information.

The Results.

Our compelling infomercial got viewed by over 400,000 people, new to the Kelina hospital brand and led to a spike in the click-through and conversion rates of the hospital’s digital platforms. The infomercial has positioned our client as a leader in healthcare delivery using advanced medical technology in Nigeria.

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