Media, Information and Narrative Development (MIND), a key player in using media to inspire change and create awareness for children and women rights entrusted our team with the production of a short animated video that highlight the impact of physical violence on children for the UNICEF #Endviolenceagainstchildrencampaign.


MIND had an idea that involved having two plants grow from seedlings to mature plants. One of them is physically abused while the other is cared for.

As viewers, we see the transformation of both plants as they grow and how the experiences they face shape their final outcome. The physically abused plant grows up to be less healthy and the well-cared-for plant grows to become fruitful and healthy.

We hoped that by doing this we are able to enable our viewers, to understand the counterproductive nature of physical violence on children.


With a preliminary narrative built by MIND, we proceeded to create concept arts so as to ascertain the visual style of the animation after that our team of Animators went to work, converting these still artistic renditions to moving images.

The Result

Below is the final output. A short video that chronicles the life of two plants who were grown on the same soil, but ends up differently.

The reception has so far been amazing. Our client MIND has gone on to receive recommendations from her partners for a job well done.

Our children should be allowed to thrive… Protected against violence. Sadly, in Nigeria, millions of children suffer violence – physical, sexual and emotional. Half of all Nigeria’s children suffer physical violence before the age of 18 years. That includes punching, kicking, whipping, beating with an object, choking, smothering, burning intentionally, or using a gun, knife or other weapon… There is no excuse for violence against children. As we continue our year of action to end violence against children, here is another in our series of films highlighting the harm that violence can cause. Please watch, share and join our efforts to end violence against children. It’s time to take action! #EndViolenceAgainstChildrenNigeria #EndVACNgr

Posted by UNICEF Nigeria on Thursday, 29 October 2015
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