Media, Information and Narrative Development (MIND), a key player in using media to inspire change and create awareness for children and women rights entrusted our team with the production of short animated videos that highlight the impact of emotional violence on children for the UNICEF #Endviolenceagainstchildrencampaign.


To deliver value to our client, it was important we understand the idea behind the need for the short video, why it mattered and the intended impact it is to have.

We leveraged the extensive research conducted by UNICEF in regard to the frequency and impact of emotional violence against children.

We discovered that:

“Every 5 minutes a child dies as a result of violence, Violence against children is everywhere but people turn a blind eye, it is hidden behind closed doors. All children have the right to live free from violence.

Violence affects the physical and mental growth of a child. Violence against children is entirely preventable when people come together and say it is not acceptable and make the invisible visible.”

– VAC Report

During the ideation meeting with our client, a story was built around a fictional character named John, a victim of emotional violence.

A fictional character named "John" was created.

The narrative we chose chronicled the emotional violence experience of our lead character John and how an aunty at his school discovered his predicament and gave him a helping hand.


To bring this story to life we decided to utilize the popular draw-my-life concept.

The concept involves a narrator telling their story and also drawing images that reflect what they are saying.

To get this right, We created the first set of sketches to illustrate and really establish the character, John, How he looks and accurately communicate how old he is.

Our character concept artists came up with two possible renditions of the character. We went for Boy A Concept.

We blocked the scenes for each shot in the narrative and our team of animators went to work to convert these still images into moving images.


Below it is the final output. A 5 minutes video title my name is John.

The reception has so far been amazing our client MIND has gone on to receive a high level recommendation from her partners for a job well done.

Emotional violence - words can build, words can break

Continuing our Year of Action to End Violence against Children, launched by President Buhari in September, we focus today on emotional violence. One in every 5 boys and one in every 6 girls in Nigeria suffers emotional violence before they turn 18. It can be extreme - ridiculing, mocking, making a child feel inferior, bullying, telling a child he or she is unloved or should not have been born, even telling them they would be better off dead. Violence happens most often where children should be safe – at their own home, in neighbours’ homes, at school or on their way to and from school. Most children never tell anyone what has happened and never get the help they need to recover. Violence against children can irreparably damage their lives and their future. It’s time to take action! #EndViolenceAgainstChildrenNigeria

Posted by UNICEF Nigeria on Wednesday, 30 December 2015
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