The Brief.

With over 8years of business expertise, a building and construction firm needed to evolve its brand to the rising opportunities in areas of technical solutions and interior design. Also, it needed to position its messaging and identity to reflect its value propositions and a business strategy that will set it ahead of the competition in its sector.


Service:  Strategy /  Branding /  Website Design


Our solution

To meet this client’s set objectives, we deployed our jumpstart product to troubleshoot our client’s business model, recommended a better strategy and commenced on a rebranding plan.

A sustainable business model

Our client faced a deficit in the long-term sustainability of their model; therefore we proposed a sustainable model that cut-off 50% of their resource liabilities, increased their revenue-expense ratio and allowed for a seamless operational framework that positions our client as a gateway to quality assets.

A harmonised Brand messaging and identity.

With necessary data from our extensive research into our client’s niche industry and insights from our associates, we crafted an effective communication strategy that embodied atizan’s core values and the demands of atizan’s customer segments.To effectively communicate our client’s new value proposition, our brand creation team built a brand personality and identity to reflect and communicate this messaging.

Digitized marketing channels optimized for lead generation.

With 3.74 billion Internet users in the world, we sort to optimize atizan’s communication and marketing channels by developing a home for atizan on the web and across all social media platforms. We adopted a visual style of lean interfaces and user-friendly appeal that focuses on our client’s offerings and track record.

Packaged and delivered

Print designed for conversion.

With a functional and operational model in place, we set our client up for marketing by designing and printing the necessary materials to kick off their marketing strategy.

(Pictures: Flyers, roll-up banner, envelopes, letter heads, Company shirts.)

The end of the project saw the delivery of a new brand built from scratch and Shipped to our client based in Portharcourt.