So you are about to launch that initiative, movement, campaign or action to either elect leaders with the right values, who are accountable to you and your fellow citizens to thrive there are 3 realities you will need to come to terms with.

1 - It is a marathon, not a sprint; never underestimate the journey you are about to embark on.

The journey you are about to start will be nothing like you have ever done before; it is not as simple as opening a new Twitter page, creating a hashtag, opening a WhatsApp group, adding up your passionate friends, or building an app or a website. To provide context, it took 60 years for Nigeria to gain its independence and another 39 years for the country to transit into its currently shaky democracy fully. The freedom we enjoy today took time, the blood and sweat of our fathers and mother; they dreamt of a better Nigeria and paid the price. Now you are about joining a line-up of people who fought to move our nation forward. Today, If they were alive, they would say to you, “Hey kid, this is a marathon”. Just like in every marathon, your energy will fail you; your passion may run dry at a certain point, but do not give up; keep your eye on the prize.    

2. Don't be discouraged when you hit roadblocks.

On the journey, you are about to embark on, or you are currently on, you will face a lot of roadblocks. Team members will fail to deliver on their obligations on time or even mess things up at the wrong time, PR disasters will occur, and you will make poor decisions in the heat of the moment. You may receive death threats. There may be an attack on your property, assets, family, and a crisis will erupt that will make you question why you started this journey in the first place. The very people you are trying to liberate may rise against you and unjustly accuse you. You may not successfully get your ideal candidate elected or ensure your demands are met on your first try. In all you do, please do not give up because you have decided to take up this mantle is victory. Each action you take, no matter how little is a small win, that collectively when we all do our part, and it all comes together, as a generation, as a nation, because of your action, we will all be a lot closer to the goal of taking back our country.

3 - Never underestimate the forces at play

Some people currently benefit from the status quo and will do whatever it takes to keep it that way. They’ve spent resources building and acquiring power; they are organized, will not sit idly and watch as you try to take it from them.


Whatever unimaginable action you can think about, they will take it without breaking a sweat. I am stating this not to scare you, but you are not surprised when the frying pan meets the fire.