Endgame The strategy company officially launches the #Herefordoers Campaign. 

During the year-long campaign, Endgame will share the stories of people and organizations who are taking action to change the Nigerian narrative with their talent, sweat and hard work and also it will also herald the official launch of the company as we kick off operations from our main office in Abuja.

According to the Founder and CEO of Endgame. the Strategy Company

“The world we live in is filled with many problems waiting to be solved. Most people complain and talk about these problems, but a certain breed of people roll up their sleeves to work towards solving these problems. They not only see opportunity where others see challenges, they understand that tomorrow is shaped by the actions of today so they take action. They Do.

We believe that the world needs to know more about the amazing work that these people are doing to shape the future because when they do they will listen to them and in return more opportunities will open up that will enable them to succeed.

 We are also launching this campaign because it fits into the company’s goal of existence which is to help doers succeed. ” – Century. E. Favour


Throughout the duration of the campaign,  selected Founders, and Entrepreneurs  will be invited for a filming session where Endgame. The Strategy Company Communication’s team will work with them to build a 1 to 3 minutes short narrative of their venture, these narratives will have the capacity of capturing the attention of their target audience. Participating in the campaign is free and invite only.

As a company, we are here for Doers. They are the entrepreneurs, founders, startups, government officials, NGOs, companies, people and organizations that take actions that solve problems affecting our society. We provide Strategy consultancy and Integrated Communications service with a strong focus on delivering results for this breed of people. We enable them to succeed in achieving whatever objectives that they set their sight on because we understand that if they succeed, we all succeed. 

Our services include business, communication and political strategy consultancy, Advertising and marketing, Media relations and Branding (Design). To increase the efficacy of achieving our mission, we are set to launch the following products Jumpstart, Loudspeaker, Growth, Content, Datr and Win to help people and organisations perform optimally and succeed in achieving their set objectives.