I realized early on that one of the many reasons I was given the talents and gifts I possess was to leave the world better than I met it.

I defined my existence with the word “impact” and how much of it I could have on people, my community, nation, continent and the world.

This viewpoint inspired my decision to found Endgame The Strategy Company.

To start a company and ensure it aligns with my mission, I asked a critical question; how can I drive impact at scale, and which factors will play a crucial role in making the world a much better place than I met it? Amidst a whole barrage of factors, I realize that ultimately people, businesses, Institutions (Government) and non-profits are crucial drivers of change. There are several global issues, which most people complain about, but a certain breed of people roll up their sleeves to work towards providing ingenious solutions to these issues. They not only see opportunities where others see challenges, they understand that today’s actions shape tomorrow.

So in 2018, I founded Endgame The Strategy Company, to provide Strategy, Technology, Marketing and Creative solutions. I decide that our work as a company will revolve around working with People, Businesses, Institutions & Non-Profits working to shape the future of the continent; our mission will be to ensure that they grow, succeed and achieve their strategic objectives. When our clients succeed they positively shape the future.


A changing world.

To achieve our mission as a company, it was evident that we need to be strategic in working with our clients to enable them to achieve their respective goals.

Access to resources and markets that were once a critical factor in deciding the success of an enterprise is no longer crucial. As a result of the influence of technology and globalization, resources and markets are now accessible in abundance; access to tools, technology, audiences, information, talent, funding and other relevant resources that used to be accessible to a few are now available at scale.

Smaller players with leaner resources are presently capable of disrupting big players. A heavily funded multinational can be disrupted by a kid with a laptop and a brilliant idea halfway across the world. Blue oceans are quickly becoming red oceans.

There is a lesser emphasis on access to resources. A major difference between winners and others in any market is how they utilize the resources at their disposal to innovate, move fast and leverage new opportunities. Strategy at its core is about *the how*of achieving a particular set of goals and the discipline to execute with precision and deliver results.

For leaders and teams figuring out *how* *a strategy* to use available resources to achieve their goals can be challenging due to several factors out of their control.


Our focus is on Strategy.

At Endgame The Strategy Company, our focus on Strategy enables us to provide leaders and teams with *the how* clarity and direction they need to; take on difficult challenges, navigate their way around the barriers to market entry & solidify their position as dominant players in their market.

We can achieve more results with available resources while enabling our clients and their ventures to tap into emerging opportunities, unlock new possibilities, move fast and swiftly respond to change.

We achieve this by challenging your assumptions, leveraging our experience in strategy development and design, and our deep understanding of culture, people and markets.


Strategy meets Execution.

Without Execution, a brilliant strategy can be likened to wishful thinking. We pride ourselves on the ability to execute efficiently and deliver outstanding results. Our ability to execute is founded on the cardinal pillars of People, Process & Planning. We have built a strong team: a network of partners, and established internal frameworks and processes that enable us to leverage a larger pool of insight and expertise across diverse industries; with this, we can execute with precision, factor the diverse variables that can affect the outcome of a project, thereby improving our overall success rate on projects.


Results Matter.

We start with the end of any project we embark on; this enables us to do away with the fluff and focus more on what moves the needle and delivers real measurable results that align with our client’s goals or strategic objectives. At the end of a project, results are all that matter beyond a well-developed strategy and top-notch Execution.

Here you have it; this thinking and many more are responsible for the birth of Endgame The Strategy Company.